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Building Marlin from Tarballs

To build Marlin from tarballs you must first run the configure script, to set up the build.


Run it with --help to see the various other options it can take. Common ones will be --prefix and --sysconfdir which should be set to the installation prefix and sysconfdir of your GNOME2 installation.

For example:

./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc

Assuming there is no problem running the configure file, it will set up the build environment and you can then build Marlin


After make has finished building Marlin, use make install to install Marlin. You may need to be root to do this.

make install

Building Marlin from CVS

Before you can build Marlin from CVS you must first run the shell script, which will generate all the files needed to start building Marlin. The script takes passes all options after -- to the configure file. --prefix is always passed through.

./ --prefix=/usr -- --sysconfdir=/etc

This will generate the configure file, and will run it, configuring the build environment. After this has finished, run make to build Marlin.


After make has finished, you need to install it with make install before you can run Marlin. You may need to be root to do this.

make install

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